30 June, 2022

Meet the team: CrazeAffiliates

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How and when did CrazeAffiliates get into the gaming industry?

CrazeAffiliates was launched in 2019 and has been going strong ever since. The idea came to us after a lot of discussions about wanting to do our own business. Adrian comes from the development sphere and Mark comes from marketing, therefore it was the perfect combination to start working on our brands and build up a company, one that has grown rapidly in these past three years. CrazeAffiliates is not only growing, but also expanding its operations to a B2B section as we are building our own gaming platform that is planned to launch in a few months. We are very excited about this and cannot wait to start a new chapter soon!

What is your favourite thing about this industry?

Firstly, the dynamics of the industry sometimes give great opportunities, sometimes big challenges, however, there is always a healthy movement that motivates and inspires any Chief Officer in this area. From CrazeAffiliate’s perspective, we are very happy to meet respectable business partners and wonderful employees that we try to give every possibility to grow within our team and grow together within the industry as one.

What environment do you try to create at Craze Affiliates?

We do not have a hierarchy. We do not have closed doors. But we do have ambitious, hard-working people with a great sense of humour, that create a family like environment that we are very happy about and try to maintain at all times. We are lucky to have found people much alike in regards to work ethics, that make our jobs smooth and help us measure our goals by growing the company status and capacity. Our attitude is to work hard and celebrate achieved goals together as a team!

What common activities do you do as a team?

Practice such as team building activities helps us to bond even stronger! We love to grab a beer after work in the bar nearby the office, however, if we do not manage that, we always have our speaker on at the office, brightening everyone’s day, unless someone has a meeting! Also, last April was the first time we exhibited at London Affiliate Conference 2022, which we attended as a whole team, creating a good opportunity to spend almost a week together working hard and having fun at the same time. It was amazing to see how far we have come and our team having a great time while spreading the word about CrazeAffiliates and our great brands.

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