20 June, 2022

Improving performance

Routy Founder Haim Bell delves into the key aspects for iGaming affiliates, from the importance of tracking data to how performance can be improved

Can you provide us with a brief introduction to Routy?

Routy is a tracking and revenue analytics platform built specifically for affiliates working in the iGaming sector. It combines traffic tracking and stats aggregation in a single platform, to allow affiliates to monitor click activity in real-time. This data and insight allows affiliates to improve conversions, which in turn helps them to take monetisation to the next level. 

How important is it for iGaming affiliates to track data?

Once a month, you get your salary and you pay various bills including gas, electric, water, broadband and your rent or mortgage. While your bank account holds your balance and statement, you need to log in to each account to obtain a detailed report for each payment. Affiliates do something very similar – the average affiliate has 30 operator accounts and each day they have to log in to each to see clicks, sign-ups,
FTDs, revenues and so on. It takes between five to 10 minutes to gather this information from each account, which ultimately is a full-time job. 

Routy combines this information into a single account; and it does this on a daily basis, so that affiliates can stay up to date with how each brand is performing at all times. But having all of this information in one place is not enough. Affiliates need to be able to optimise traffic on a page and player level, and that can only be achieved with tracking software.

What are some of the common mistakes iGaming affiliate marketers make?

The first mistake, and it is a hard one to admit, is that most iGaming affiliates make business decisions based on hunches and assumptions. I’m not saying this means they always get it wrong, but if decisions are taken without the support of data then it is essentially guesswork. 

The second big mistake affiliates make is not finding the right balance between business and player interest – a lot of publishers put generating revenue ahead of the user experience they offer. Of course, affiliates don’t usually have a direct line of communication with players, so the only way they can determine whether they are offering what they are looking for is to track conversions at the player level. 

For example, if an affiliate lists the casino brand offering the best commercial deal in the number one position on a page and they send 100 clicks but with zero conversions, that means the player did not find what they were looking for. But by changing the listing for a casino brand that offers a less favourable deal
but more of what the player is seeking, the conversion rate will improve. 

How can iGaming affiliate performance be improved?

I always suggest starting with the easiest and most simple things to implement, and one of those things is tracking. For the upper funnel, I would suggest using HotJar or Microsoft Clarity, which is a free alternative to HotJar.  

Google Analytics is also a must, but to get conversions to appear in Google Analytics, affiliates must use tracking software. 

Affiliates should also look to onboard at least one new partner per month – a single addition can lead to a 30% increase in revenue with the right positioning on the right page. 

Looking ahead, what are Routy’s goals for 2022?

I believe that by embracing tracking, all affiliates can grow their businesses. By properly knowing their traffic, affiliates can improve their marketing efforts, take conversions to the next level and ultimately unlock additional revenue. 

This is a sector that is always growing, but so too is the competition in it. That is why it is so important for affiliates to maximise the opportunities on the table; and to do that they must leverage the power of data and tracking. Of course, Routy is here to help them do just that.

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