26 October, 2021

Tool up your igaming

“This is a chance for all affiliates who want to delve into the market more professionally and really leave a mark with something of their own. The race is on!” says Adam Gros, the owner of Gamblineers.

For as long as there were casino games and gambling, players have been wondering which one to play, where and when the odds will be better; what bonus to use, whether to play with a strategy or not and, in the case of it’s-written-in-the-stars believers, how to beat or cheat the house and win. Before online gaming players mostly resorted to speculations and handwritten calculations, but with the ever-evolving online world, more and more tools of all shapes and sizes are appearing to help players either plan or execute their betting strategy. The upside of these tools is that some can actually help a player at least understand what they are doing and what their odds are. The downside is that most of these tools are developed by other players who have a touch for programming languages and some spare time, and often lack good user experience, design and a certain impression of being trustworthy.


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