13 July, 2021

Why casino affiliates are turning on to Twitch

Jonas Kyllönen, Co-founder and CMO at Mr Gamble, explains why Twitch presents tremendous opportunities for affiliates to drive brand awareness and direct traffic; the channel, however, is not without its challenges

The online casino affiliate space has changed significantly in recent years, and if you are to succeed in todays market, you have to do more than build a website and populate it with content.
Affiliates must now consider themselves brands and undertake similar marketing activities to the online casinos they list and recommend to their readers. Sure, SEO traffic will always be a key consideration, but it is now just as important for affiliates to use digital PR, digital marketing and social media as part of their brand-building efforts.
An increasing number of affiliates are also launching dedicated streaming channels to engage and entertain an even wider audience and, of course, to build even more brand equity.
Mr Gamble has been running a Finnish language Twitch channel since 2019, and over that time, we have amassed more than 20,000 followers. This is why we recently took the decision to launch a second Twitch channel - Mr Gamble Casino - which is targeted at the fast-growing US market. But establishing and operating a Twitch channel is not without its challenges, which I discuss below in more detail as well as provide suggestions for how they can be overcome.


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