13 July, 2021

The US view: Affiliates in iGaming

Stephen A Crystal, Founder of SCCG Management, talks us through the uses of affiliates in the US iGaming market

IGaming operators in the US cannot directly advertise their gambling content through digital advertising platforms such as Google and Facebook. However, there are many other ways to get in front of a broad online audience, likely interested in your iGaming operation. Creating value for content and traffic sources, such as affiliate marketing companies, who are willing to recommend your product to their existing audience, is one way to quickly extend your reach without investing organisational focus in building that capability yourself.
The same prohibitions that affect iGaming operators also affect affiliate marketers. These entities use high-value web content, which they have developed over long periods, to attract segments of online traffic who would be receptive to iGaming offers.
Once there, the affiliate marketers use a variety of methods to direct user attention to iGaming content. Viewers of mobile content often see these calls to action for iGaming content through banner displays, pop-under
s, page redirects and push notifications, all of which have a varied level ofacceptance by users. Push notifications are only possible where there is an opt-in relationship between the content provider and the viewer, but over time, these relationships are achievable and theoretically valuable to both partners.
In brick and mortar gaming, we create these business entities and relationships directly. We add established VIP hosts with loyal customers and lists to player development programs, develop junket programs, host bus programs all collaborations that bring new player traffic to ourcasino floors, supported by a third-party partner.


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