12 July, 2021

Education, education, education

Tim Poole speaks to Daniel Dolejsi, Social Media and Community Manager at Casino Guru, about the affiliate's aims to educate the industry

Can you explain to us what the Casino Guru Academy is?
Of course. The Casino Guru Academy is basically an e-learning platform that offers free courses related to online casinos and the iGaming industry. The courses are meant for current or future iGaming professionals, i.e. people that work or hope to work in the industry.
Once all the courses are ready, the Academy will provide comprehensive learning materials, covering the main areas important for people working in online gambling.
For now, the Academy offers an initial course focused on the essentials of iGaming customer support, as this is the most common entry-level position in the industry. The course starts with an introduction to online gambling and customer support, and then focuses on the main types of issues customer support representatives in online casinos deal with as part of their job. We also cover the hiring and onboarding process, to help candidates maximise their chances of getting hired, as well as performing well once they get the job.


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